BS in Hotel and Tourism Management Curriculum


LIBERAL ARTS CORE: Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality undergraduate students have the benefit of taking NYU liberal arts core courses—the hallmark of an NYU education. These courses sharpen reading comprehension and writing skills, elevate creative and critical thinking capacities, and enhance social and cultural understanding.

PROFESSIONAL CORE: The BS in Hotel and Tourism Management has a professional core that consists of 41 credits, which offer a comprehensive business curriculum that connects what students learn in the classroom to the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries.

CONCENTRATIONS: The BS in Hotel and Tourism Management offers concentrations in Event Management, Hotel Development, Marketing and Revenue Management, Organizations and Operations, and Tourism Development.

INTERNSHIPS: Tisch Center of Hospitality internships are an integral component of the BS in Hotel and Tourism Management and provide students with the opportunity to build professional portfolios, to network, and to gain hands-on experience within a professional environment. Students who register for the internship course receive credit for the hours worked during that semester.


The core requirements include courses in the professional and liberal arts core. Students will decide the course sequence with their academic adviser, and are required to take two professional courses each semester.


Students must take two language courses for a total of 8 credits. Students must take one section of either Cultures & Contexts or Texts and Ideas for a total of 4 credits. The remaining 8 credits for the Humanities can be fulfilled with Humanities electives.


The BS in Hotel and Tourism Management prepares students for a wide range of careers in hotels, restaurants, catering companies, real estate and management services companies, online travel agencies, marketing and PR firms, destination marketing organizations, event companies and consulting firms. The degree has five concentrations:

This concentration explores career opportunities in festivals, weddings and social events, trade shows, and experiential marketing.


This concentration provides students with in-depth knowledge of financial management and the hotel development process.


In this concentration, students study hospitality and travel sales and marketing, as well as strategies and processes that optimize a business’s revenues.


This concentration focuses on the operational aspects of hospitality businesses – a great concentration for budding general managers!


This concentration prepares students for careers in destination marketing organizations, (online) travel agents, tour operators, airlines, cruise lines, PR firms, and visitor attractions.


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