Understand the general principles underlying the mind and behavior, and explain and predict individual differences in ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.


Psychology Concentration

Psychologists seek to understand the general principles underlying the mind and behavior, and they attempt to explain and to predict individual differences in characteristic ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. The concentration in psychology introduces you to the broad spectrum of psychological research, with courses that examine the biological bases of behavior; the ways in which we understand the world, ourselves, and other people; the nature of social interactions and close relationships; the influences of biology, family, culture, and society on the development of the individual; and the causes and treatment of psychopathology. The program provides the background necessary to obtain advanced training in research or clinical psychology, and it also serves as excellent preparation for work in the health professions, education, clinical social work, business, and law. Students select one course from each of the following Psychology Concentration categories. In addition, students select a fourth course from either the first or second category.

Psychology Concentration Category: Biological Foundations and Cognitive Processes

Students select one to two courses in consultation with their advisor.

Psychology Concentration Category: Social, Personality, Clinical, and Developmental Psychology

Students select one to two courses in consultation with their advisor.


Valuing interdisciplinary studies, we encourage students to consider courses outside of their specific degree area. To help you explore our course catalog, here are a few courses that we think might interest you, by program.


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