Organizational Behavior and Change

(Online and On-site Study Options)


Learn to diagnose organizational systems and change, apply the interpersonal skills to meet strategic challenges, and advance in your own individual endeavors within organizations.


Organizational Behavior and Change Concentration

In today's rapidly changing work environment, effective leadership is essential for high-impact performance and the success of individuals, groups, and organizations. Employees at every level have a competitive edge when they can analyze critical issues and effectively enhance leadership competencies, performance effectiveness, and multicultural communications, as well as manage diversity and human development within the workplace. The uniqueness of this concentration lies in its psychosocial, conceptual orientation which is grounded in experiential learning for real-world application. Inspired by the scientist-practitioner model, students develop an in-depth understanding of theory and application. They learn to diagnose organizational systems and change, to apply the interpersonal skills to meet strategic challenges, and to advance in their own individual endeavors within organizations of the current corporate and nonprofit worlds. Student may select one course from each of the three categories and a fourth course from a category of their choosing; or students may select two courses from two different categories for a total of four courses (16 credits).

Organizational Behavior and Change Concentration Category: Communication and Workplace Dynamics

Students select up to two courses in consultation with their advisor.


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