Evan Schuval (He / Him)

Graduate Student, MS in Professional Writing

Evan is a graduate student pursuing an MS in Professional Writing at SPS. He received his BA in English, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation from Pennsylvania State University. Evan currently works at AWH Partners, a leading real estate investment firm, in their operations department. He is also applying to law school, with the intention of beginning next fall. Evan hopes to pursue a career in Entertainment and Intellectual Property law to continue his work with IDBEA, and all that it represents, by becoming a legal force for positive change. He aspires to translate the quintessential mechanics of professional writing, in conjunction with the wealth of knowledge he will absorb while serving on IDBEA, to become an unwavering voice of advocacy for his clients and all people.

Why I serve on the IDBEA committee...

Ensuring our NYU community, as well as our larger, global community, has equal access to opportunity is of paramount importance. I strongly believe in the values and mission of IDBEA and strive to create an environment grounded in mutual respect and open expression for everyone.

Evan Schuval