Brandon Brown


Dr. Brandon Brown is a Clinical Associate Professor of Sport Management in the School of Professional Studies at New York University. In addition to serving as a marketing consultant for several professional sport entities such as Fox Sports, the NFL, and the Brooklyn Nets, Dr. Brown has spent a number of years working in professional sport - most notably with the New York Mets. He has spent his professional and academic career concentrating on the Sport Management field, with an emphasis on studying minority sport consumption patterns. He is currently the co-chair of the Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, Equity, and Accessibility (IDBEA) committee, and has received his PhD, MBA, and BS at Texas A&M University, the University of Central Florida, and Florida State University, respectively.

Why I serve on the IDBEA committee...

To me IDBEA concerns are a major issue in our country, and our society. Being able to be on the forefront of influential work is an amazing opportunity. Knowing that I can play a part in changing perceptions, attitudes, and sometimes core beliefs, makes our work invaluable. And, while this work is done for the betterment of SPS and NYU, it’s really fulfilling to know that a lot of our efforts will impact society as a whole.