Foundations of Cyber Leadership

This course will be offered again in Spring 2022. Contact us below to be notified when registration opens.  

Discounts will be available for NYU Alumni and for companies enrolling multiple employees. 

Program Description

The imperative for businesses and organizations to have cyber savvy leaders can no longer be ignored. Transformational leaders are required to understand how data breaches, hacking, ransomware, and evolving digital privacy laws impact day-to-day operations and corporate profits to enable the development and implementation of cross-cutting strategies. 

Drawing upon the curriculum from the MS in Global Security, Conflict, and Cybercrime, this practitioner-based accelerated program trains leaders to understand the realities of a cyber dependent global economy and operationalize the integration of a cyber-mindset, and create strategies for managing cyber risk that are increasing exponentially. Participants will explore the digital dependencies of their organizations and become empowered to navigate emerging risks associated with their technologically empowered working environments, associates, and consumers. 

This course is designed to give non-tech leaders a chance to elevate their ability to lead in a cyber-dependent working environment. It re-examines the fundamentals of leadership practices, and reorients them for application to the digital sphere.


Who will benefit most from this program?

  • Cyber professionals entering their first leadership role or those who desire to progress from small-team leadership to an executive role.
  • Executives across industries and organizations who desire to better understand cyber dependencies of business operations.
  • Mid-tier managers across industries and organizations who seek to progress from small- and medium-size team management to higher level roles that may overlap with or involve cyber operations.

Note: Those who will benefit most from this program will have 8-10+ years of professional experience, and will be interested in gaining the cyber knowledge and leadership skills to advance in their careers.

What is the benefit of attending live virtual sessions?

Leadership is all about people and how you interact with them, yet cyber is often about nonverbal cues that can be easily missed on virtual platforms. This program will allow students to work in teams in a safe and regulated academic environment, while exploring concepts such as presence, active listening, and persuasive presentation. In relation to cyber, students will have the opportunity to discuss the domain with peers, freely and clearly. Certain cyber applications and activities will be explored and performed as a group, allowing students to benefit from peer insights and shared experiences.


Phase I

  • IT, OT, IoT
  • Security vs. Compliance
  • Leadership Basics

Phase II 

  • Standards and Frameworks: CIS, RMF, CMM
  • Leading Change

Phase III

  • Business Continuity/Mission Assurance
  • Crisis Leadership, Plan/Brief/Execute/Debrief/Wrap-up


Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, participants will have a better understanding of:

  • The difference between cyber security and compliance
  • Leading change towards a cyber-security empowering mindset
  • How to conduct a business operations oriented cyber risk assessment
  • Leadership fundamentals as they apply to small teams and large organizations
  • An understanding of cyber norms and best practices
  • Strategies for cyber risk management
  • Business continuity and crisis management

Program Faculty

Clint Mixon is a Strategic Executive Leader and Advisor on Cyber Strategy, Policy, Risk, Operations, Planning, and Leadership and teaches at NYU, the US Air Force E-School, and the Naval Postgraduate School. He has over 20 years of leadership experience ranging from small teams to cross functional teams of 450+ while managing over $4B in assets and annual budgets over $400M. He has five years of experience working with US Cyber Command and Cyber National Mission Force teams. He also has 21 years of instructional experience spanning technical, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Trusted advisor to US DoD & International MoD leaders on cybersecurity and modification of adversary cyber activities. He is a 26-year U.S. Air Force combat veteran with seven combat deployments and over 2800 hours in the F-15E Strike Eagle, and served as a commander of combat forces in three different multinational coalition operations.

Clint Mixton Headshot