Who We Are

There is no single academic program that is devoted to a comprehensive examination of the meaning, morality, and impact of sports on a local, national, and global scale in an intensive and interdisciplinary fashion. The NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) Sports and Society program seeks to become the academic thought leader for discussion of all aspects of sports and society around the world.  

Sports are often thought of as just fun and games. And they are, but they are far more than that. Sports are a reflection of the most fundamental norms and values that shape human society. Sports represent escape from the world, but they also are a huge presence within the world, accounting for hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and bringing together more nations and groups than any political entity is capable of doing. Sports are a test bed for scientific and medical research, as well as for the development of best practices for teaching, communicating, and mentoring.

Sports are big business. Sports fuel the media. Sports are critical to advertising and merchandising many of the world’s most lucrative products. Sports shape the beliefs and values of our children. Sports have and can lead the way in societal reform and ethical progress. Sports create our heroes, villains, and pariahs.