NYUSS has a particular focus on improving health in and around the sports world, with projects falling into at least one of three strands of the sports experience: Social, behavioral, and physical. Taken together, these are the pillars of Sports Health.

Although each project we pursue is characterized by depth and rigor, our work relies on a holistic understanding of Sports' impact -- social, behavioral, and physical -- on the health of each life and every community. The concussion, overuse, and obesity crises, incivility and intolerance in youth sports, and the social responsibility agendas of professional teams do not exist in vacuums. They are intricately related to each other and our work in each space must be designed to acknowledge the effects on all aspects of health and well-being. While other sports studies programs do in-game analytics, diversity, and "get it" campaigns, we are singular in our focus on complete health through ethical, legal, and social lenses. In conjunction with collaborators in NYU's prestigious schools of law, medicine, nursing, public health, dentistry, and social work, NYU Sports and Society has already begun to shape public discourse in this crucial space.