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The MS in Real Estate Development provides the fundamental tools necessary to succeed in the dynamic industry of real estate development. This degree requires that students complete 42 credits comprised of a three-tiered core curriculum, including two electives and culminating in an individual capstone project. The core development courses provide a strong foundation and understanding of: the development process, finance of development projects, legal, land use and regulatory framework, design and construction, as well as market analysis and technology skills. There are three concentrations with specialized tier courses; the business of development including entrepreneurship and public private partnerships, sustainable development including green buildings, and global development. Electives provide the opportunity for students to explore market niches such as affordable housing, international finance, and economic development.

The core curriculum is designed to provide a deep and broad foundation in real estate development that supports the chosen concentration. Students are required to take all of the following courses in Tier I and Tier II.

Tier I

12 Credits

Tier I courses provide a fundamental understanding of the economic and financial aspects of real estate development, familiarity with the legal issues that shape the development process, and an exploration of the methods and techniques in economics and market analysis.

Tier II

12 Credits

Tier II courses analyze design, construction methods, valuation approaches within the development process; and the range of federal, state, and local regulations governing site planning and feasibility.