Mario Villamor
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Mario Villamor

Mario Villamor

MS in Global Affairs
Alumnus, Class of 2012

I focused on the International Relations/Global Futures concentration at the NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs (CGA) because I wanted to understand the drivers of change that impact our world. Every day political, economic, social, and technological forces shape countries, cultures, and companies. I was very interested in understanding this concept at a deeper level and applying what I learned.

Today, I'm a senior development analyst at Devex, a social enterprise that connects and informs the development community through business intelligence, news, and funding opportunities. I'm part of Devex's survey and advisory services team, for which I lead consulting engagements for clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to multilateral agencies. Some of our clients are interested in what corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to implement, while others want to know how emerging donors like China and Russia will impact global development. The breadth of international relations courses I took and the geographies covered definitely influences and impacts my work.

Prior to joining Devex, I was a researcher for the Boston Consulting Group, where I supported client engagements in a variety of sectors, including the public sector, global health, and the social impact space. My international relations background was similarly an asset for this role, and I am definitely grateful for the experience I had at CGA because I feel it equipped me for my career.