John Schellhase
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John Schellhase

John Schellhase

MS in Global Affairs
Alumnus, Class of 2013

I arrived at NYUSPS after spending two-and-a-half years working in Southeast Asia as a US Peace Corps volunteer. I was stationed in a rural community in the Philippines, where I worked at a teachers' college helping young people to prepare for careers educating elementary and high school students. I loved the work, but as my time there came to end, I knew I wanted to continue an international career and believed that a master's degree would be an important step toward that goal. I moved to New York and started classes at the NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs (CGA).

My course work focused on international economic development, and through work with the economist William Easterly at the NYU Development Research Institute, my regional focus shifted to eastern Africa. With the support and advice of my advisor, Dr. Jens Rudbeck, I focused my MS in Global Affairs thesis on the political economy of land acquisition by foreign investors in Ethiopia. I traveled there and spent four weeks doing interviews, which were critical to deepening my understanding of the topic.

After graduation, I was hired by the Milken Institute's Center for Financial Markets (CFM) in Washington, DC. There, I worked on research projects focused on African capital market development. Though currently living in Spain, I still do work with CFM as a remote consultant. I am currently working alongside officials in the Rwandan government to design a 10-year national strategy for developing the country's nascent capital markets. I use the multidisciplinary skill set I developed at CGA on a daily basis.