Residential Life


Participation in orientation programs is mandatory. Orientation helps to familiarize you with the NYU Campus, the program in which you will be enrolled, and the students with whom you will live and learn.

During Career Edge orientation, students have the opportunity to learn more about the week ahead, what will be expected of them, and the wealth of opportunities and activities available to them after class. Ice breaker games help orientation participants to immediately meet new frends. Students also must attend a university orientation. Campus tours are available and highly recommended. 

Aspire orientation allows students to become acquainted with their mentors, who will provide support throughout their time in the program. Ice breaker games are played to help students meet their peers and, similar to Career Edge students, Aspire students have the opportunity to take a campus tour and become familiar with the surrounding neighborhood.

Careeredge Orientation
Students enjoy a taste of NYC pizza as they meet and mingle during Career Edge orientation.
Campus tour
Students on a campus tour that features Washington Square Park and the surrounding neighborhood.

Campus tours provide an informative way to learn about campus facilities and to explore the surrounding neighborhood. They are also a great opportunity to spend time with fellow students and administrators in a relaxed setting.

Aspire Orientstion
Aspire students learn about their course of study during orientation.

Aspire students get to meet their mentors during orientation. It's a great way for them to learn about the support system that is in place for them during their intensive summer week and beyond.