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Quantitative Methods in Evaluation

This course introduces approaches to data collection and analysis. In the quantitative methods sessions, examine quantitative research designs and their applications in evaluation, explore sampling methods, and learn to develop quantitative measurement tools. Design simple surveys, and become familiar with varied types of quantitative instruments. Also, analyze quantitative studies to understand implications of findings for effectiveness and sustainability, as well as secondary data sets to understand the basics of statistical relationships and modeling.

  • Introduction: Getting quantitative research designs right
  • Gathering your own data: Beginning survey design
  • Basic descriptive statistics: Mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum, range, and visualization
  • Advanced descriptive statistics: Interquartile range and standard deviation
  • Correlation + introduction to inferential statistics
  • Inferential statistics: Introduction to RStudio and t-tests
  • Inferential statistics continued: Chi square and ANOVA

This is an instructor-led virtual course comprised of asynchronous weekly modules and synchronous weekly sessions. Students are required to attend at least 80% of the synchronous sessions in order to successfully complete it.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of quantitative methods for use in program evaluation
  • The ability to understand and communicate the results of your data analysis
  • The skills to develop basic quantitative research designs
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of survey design and implementation

Ideal for

  • Professionals interested in the field of monitoring and evaluation
  • Students pursuing the Certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation

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  • Spring 2022

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      Spring 2022
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      Mar 15 - May 3
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      • Online
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      • Online
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