Elizabeth DiLuzio

Elizabeth DiLuzio

Adjunct Instructor

Elizabeth DiLuzio specializes in organizational strategy, program evaluation, and adult learning. She has a history of facilitating organizational development of evaluation processes and data-informed cultural change. She is committed to supporting organizations in reaching the maximum impact with a keen eye to diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices. To this end, her work is rooted in participatory methodology and a strengths-based approach. She incorporates democratic practices such as the Art of Hosting and Design Thinking to design, assess, and enhance culturally sensitive initiatives.

Elizabeth has worked in the field of evaluation and adult learning for over 5 years. In addition to teaching Quantitative Methods at CPS, Elizabeth teaches a wide range of professional development courses that promote a data-driven culture to NYC government and nonprofit employees.

Currently Teaching

Quantitative Methods in Evaluation

Learn quantitative techniques for analyzing the data gathered from monitoring and evaluation programs.