Introduction to Data Science Methods in R & Python

An increasing mandate for many HR functions worldwide is to adopt tools for processing and analyzing large amounts of workforce data quickly, efficiently, reproducibly, and at scale, from a variety of sources. This course provides the necessary foundation for collecting, manipulating, visualizing, and analyzing a variety of common HR data sources principally in the  R programming language, but with some exercises and instruction in getting started with Python towards the end. Learn how to write R and Python code to handle common HR reporting tasks, understand relationships between phenomena in the workforce, analyze large amounts of text information from sources like employee surveys, and more—all in an automated and reproducible manner.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Fundamental knowledge of the R and Python programming language for data collection, processing, visualization, analysis, and statistical modeling
  • The foundational ability to load, transform, analyze, visualize, and export data common to HR analytics and reporting projects, including data from HRIS systems, surveys, and bodies of text

Ideal for

  • Those interested in working in the human resources field
  • HR professionals who are seeking to broaden their data analytics skills

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  • Summer 2023

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      Summer 2023
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      Aug 1 - Aug 29
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      Bhupathi, Kent
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