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Amplifying the Brand Promise

A diverse consumer base, along with ongoing fragmentation of media and consumer preferences, is creating a perfect storm for marketing professionals. It is increasingly difficult to reach audiences in an effective and efficient manner, as their attention and consumption of content are now spread across a wide array of platforms. Marketing needs to break out of the advertising sea of noise, and all marketing efforts need to align in support of the brand promise. The desire to come together around shared interests and communicate our passions and values is a profoundly human instinct. The social media channel is a unique platform that allows brands to capture actionable insights about consumers, amplify and clarify the brand’s messages, and strengthen other tactics within an integrated media strategy. This course provides an approach to incorporating social media into a broader marketing strategy. Through hands-on examples and case studies, gain insight into how the media landscape has evolved to the point at which brands need be relevant and responsive to consumers who can be targeted individually at any time and on any device. Learn how the rules of advertising are being redefined and the playing field is shifting, as the quality of the engagement and conversation between consumers and brands determine long-term success.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to apply social conversational analysis as a research methodology for deriving new consumer insights
  • The background needed to assess the different approaches that firms take to use social media strategies and tactics to support efforts to engage consumers and solidify brand loyalty
  • The skills to evaluate the contribution that an integrated social strategy has on the results of a marketing campaign
  • Plans to deploy integrated social media tactics (both paid and organic) in support of a broader integrated marketing strategy
  • An overview of how socially enabled consumer engagement can amplify a brand promise, leading to higher ROI and an increase in earned media

Ideal for

  • Professionals looking to deepen their marketing knowledge and to accelerate their careers by understanding the role of social media in supporting a brand
  • Students looking to evaluate the effectiveness of social media and learn how organizations can extend the reach of their marketing efforts with little incremental spending
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      Spring 2024
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      Jan 25 - Mar 7
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      Kennon, Thomas
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