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Wealth Management and Investment Strategies

  • Taught by Leading Hedge Fund Managers
  • Explores the Fundamentals of Wealth Management
  • Covers Personal Investment Strategies

Wealth management encompasses the management of a client’s investments—from studying his or her assets to planning and looking after those investments. In addition, it covers personal investment strategies. These courses explore the investment strategies and techniques used by hedge fund managers in the areas of bonds, stocks, fixed assets, currency, options, and commodities. In addition, they offer investment techniques that help you to become successful in the market.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Intermarket Analysis and Investment Strategy

Examine the cause-and-effect relationships that exist among the stock, bond, currency, and commodity markets.

2020 Fall
1 section

The "Know-How" to Better Investing

Learn how to avoid basic investing mistakes and to become confident in your investing decisions.

2020 Fall
1 section

ULL (Ultra-Low Latency) Architectures for Electronic Trading

Develop advanced skills in architecting electronic trading (ET) and market data applications.

2020 Fall
1 section

Fixed-Income Securities

Acquire an introduction to domestic and international debt markets, including treasuries and agencies, municipals, and asset-backed securities.

0 sections

Hedge Fund Strategies

Explore investment strategies used by hedge fund managers in the areas of bonds, stocks, fixed assets, currency, options, and commodities.

0 sections


Gain an overview of the derivatives markets and an introduction to the four basic types of derivatives.

2020 Fall
1 section

Introduction to the Markets

This introduction to the securities markets provides the foundation needed for the study of finance.

0 sections

Debt and Equity Markets

Gain an introduction to US financial markets, which will provide you with the foundation needed for the study of finance.

Environment and the Financial Markets

Learn the basic principles that govern socially responsible investing in the context of environmental criteria and financial markets.

Socially Responsible Investing

Develop critical understanding of practical fundamentals in socially responsible investing, especially in regard to environmental issues.

Ethics and Governance

The course will offer a broad discussion of corporate boardroom considerations, ethics in the workplace, and the issue of corporate sustainability.