1. Career Edge - NYU High School Summer Program

Pre-Law Bootcamp

It’s never too early to start thinking about a career in law! Whether you want to become an attorney, a judge, a legislator, an academician, or an activist, now is a great time to explore the many opportunities in this growing field. This course provides you with an overview of what it takes to become an attorney and knowledge of careers in the legal professions, basic substantive law, and litigation trials. You can expect a combination of in-class lectures, speaker panels, and discussions about courthouses, public interest organizations, and government agencies to gain an insider’s view of all that the study and practice of law have to offer. Additionally, you will study a range of topics in law and real-life cases to build your understanding of the US legal system. If you dream of becoming an attorney or you plan to pursue pre-law in college, this course will provide a great pre-college perspective on the next steps needed to reach your career goals.

Ideal For

  • High school students who have completed grades 9, 10, or 11
  • High school students interested in a career in law

You'll Walk Away With

  • An overview of careers in the law, basic substantive law, and litigation trials
  • Experience with actual legal topics and cases that serve as an introduction to the study of law
  • An NYU transcript showing grade(s) earned upon completion of the course (Please note: No college credit or certificate of completion is granted for this course.)

Information Table

Students from around the world attend NYU summer programs, but only a college prep program like High School Academy provides the opportunity to explore both traditional and emerging career paths.

Projects and short assignments provide take-aways that prepare you for college classroom work, while demonstrating your newly acquired skills.

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Applications for Summer 2024 will become available in early 2024!

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