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Current Affairs

  • Taught by Leading Journalists, Historians, and Authors
  • Focuses on Issues Behind Today’s News
  • Provides a Stimulating Environment for Discussion

If you are interested in current events, these courses will allow you to gain an in-depth and more contextualized understanding of today’s critical issues. This includes historic background, when appropriate, as well as an analysis of the actors and stakeholders affecting outcomes. Join your contemporaries for lively discussion and intellectual stimulation. 

This Fall, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Election 2020: The Policy, Polls, and Messaging Dynamic

The course will address the presidential election, which will determine not only national leadership but the direction of the US political system.

2020 Fall
2 sections

Public Policy and Political Science Fundamentals

Held directly before and after the November presidential election, this course examines the basic principles of government and political science.

2020 Fall
1 section

America Through Foreign Eyes

Taught by a former Mexican foreign minister, this course explores how the relationship between nationalism and nostalgia impacts American politics.

2020 Fall
1 section

International Development

Explore the main elements of country development—from economic, political, social, cultural, and environmental perspectives.

2020 Fall
1 section

Disinformation and the Threat to Democracy

Examine fake news: its history, the business reasons for it, its international and domestic cultural and political impact, and its future.

2020 Fall
1 section

International Relations

Gain an in-depth understanding of the post-Cold War world order and the Cold War’s impact on current geopolitical and economic landscapes.

2020 Fall
1 section

In Real Time: The Presidential Primaries, Foreign Affairs, and Global Opinion

Examine US presidential politics in 2020 through a domestic and international lens, tracking primaries state by state and region by region.

The Americas' Season of Discontent: Political Upheavals, Trade, Trump, and Social Unrest

Join in the analysis and assessment of challenges facing Latin America at the start of the new decade.

The Muslim Ban and Refugee Crisis in a Historical Perspective

This course will trace how the intertwined histories of the Middle East and United States set the stage for the contemporary moment.