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Current Affairs

  • Taught by Leading Journalists, Historians, and Authors
  • Focuses on Issues Behind Today’s News
  • Provides a Stimulating Environment for Discussion

If you are interested in current events, these courses will allow you to gain an in-depth and more contextualized understanding of today’s critical issues. This includes historic background, when appropriate, as well as an analysis of the actors and stakeholders affecting outcomes. Join your contemporaries for lively discussion and intellectual stimulation.

Critical Issues

Gain a deeper understanding of today’s global issues in this series that offers insights not generally available outside graduate seminars.

2017 Fall
1 section

Global LGBT Rights

Examine in detail how LGBT issues have evolved and how they have been addressed at the UN and in other international forums.

2017 Fall
1 section

The US in the World: North, South, and Central America

Discuss the US positioning with long-term allies, and assess how the Trump world view has affected, or will affect, alignments in the Americas.

2017 Fall
1 section

When the President Speaks: Perspectives on Foreign Policy and Global Communication

Examine how the Trump administration communicates key global policies and how these messages are covered abroad.

2017 Fall
1 section

World Politics: Leadership Change and the Global Agenda

This course will discuss the impact that significant changes to the leadership of several key nations around the world will have on global affairs.

2017 Fall
4 sections

World Politics: A New Era for America and the World?

Discuss how the Trump administration will affect security, economic, and environmental policies, as well as relations with other nations.

2017 Summer
4 sections

Intro to Technology and Analytics for the Global Nonprofit

Acquire the skills needed to track and measure a nonprofit organization’s impact, including knowledge of Google Analytics and AdWords.

2017 Fall
1 section

The Art of Negotiation: From Global to Local

Gain an in-depth understanding of the application of negotiation.

2017 Summer
1 section

Foreign Policy in the 2016 US Election

Examine candidate and party positions in the unfolding US presidential election on the role of the United States in the world.

Foreign Policy in the Time of the Internet

This course examines how foreign policy and international affairs are being shaped in the age of the Internet.

ISIS and the Media

Examine what is known about ISIS from award-winning journalism, and explore the terror group’s own media initiatives.

Public Policy Fundamentals

Examine the fundamentals of public policymaking, including how policies become reality and why certain policies succeed while others don’t.

Radicalization and Deradicalization of Muslim Youth

Explore the causes of Islamic radicalism, including historical, psychological, religious, political, ideological, and socioeconomic dimensions.

The First 100 Days: The US Presidency and Foreign Affairs

Review the critical policy, personnel, and public affairs dimensions of the new presidential administration with special reference to global affairs.

The Rise of ISIS: Cause and Effect in a Changing Middle East

This course will explore the political and societal factors that led from the hope of the Arab Spring to the chaos of the Islamic State.

Understanding the 2016 Presidential Election

Examine the presidential election as it unfolds this fall, review the outcome, and look ahead toward the transition to a new administration.

World Politics: New Leadership and Global Power

Discuss the impact of an unusual amount of change in international political leadership expected in the coming year, including a new US president.

World Politics: The Great Global Transition

Discuss the increasing confusion and instability during this time of transition, as well as the likely impacts and new world order that could result.