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Politics and Leadership in a Changing Middle East

This course will look at the historical and ideological legacies that influence politics and leadership in the Middle East. It will cover the broader Middle East, including Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Turkey. The politics and state society relations in selected countries will be presented primarily through the words and actions of individual leaders. Relations among the countries in the region will also be covered. Questions to be discussed include: What pre-colonial and colonial legacies influence politics? What role does Islam play in politics and state/society relations? What are national and transnational identities, which serve as major factors in the politics of the Middle East? In selected sessions, the role of prominent women will be added to the mix of leading figures.


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You'll Walk Away with

  • Learn and analyze historical legacies and their impact on Middle East leadership and governance today
  • Discuss and assess ideologies and their influences on politics and leadership in the broader Middle East
  • Understand the relationships between leaders and societies and the role leaders play in influencing events in the broader Middle East

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  • Fall 2024

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      Fall 2024
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      Sep 10 - Nov 12
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