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Mary Diperna

Mary Diperna

Adjunct Instructor

Mary DiPerna, an Adjunct Instructor at NYU since 1985, presents hands-on seminars on Excel, MS Project, Access, PowerPoint, Word and other end-user software. Ms. DiPerna, President of M DP Systems, Inc., has over thirty years of experience in PC consulting, training, management, EDP audit, and systems development. Her projects include developing database and spreadsheet end-user systems; developing and presenting PC training; and problem solving business information flow. Formerly Director – EDP audit at American Express Company, she managed the EDP audit group and was also responsible for the computer literacy training. Prior to this, Mary DiPerna worked at American Airlines and Metropolitan Life where she developed mainframe computer applications. Mary DiPerna is a graduate of SUNY at Albany and holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from the CUNY School of Engineering.

Currently Teaching

Excel: Advanced Tools and Techniques

Become an Excel power user and increase your Excel efficiency.

Excel: Essential Basics

Gain a solid understanding of Excel’s foundation, operations, basic calculation, and five most commonly used auto functions.

Excel: Beyond the Basics

If you want to go beyond Excel basics, then take this hands-on course to learn how to do more with this powerful application.

Project Management Tools and Applications

Learn how to efficiently use industry-standard applications to create effective communications for project management.