Opportunities and Outcomes

Opportunities and Outcomes

Opportunities and Outcomes


Career opportunities in sports business encompass a broad range of fields including marketing, team administration, stadium and sports facilities operations, sporting goods and equipment sales, sports management and finance, sports law, sports statistics and sports retail and wholesale operations, among others. Because this multibillion-dollar industry is so highly competitive, those seeking to break into the field or to advance in their current position should consider earning an advanced degree to gain the competitive edge.

The MS in Sports Business provides the knowledge and the skills sets that you will need to compete and to succeed in this complex industry. In addition to classroom learning Then NYU School of Professional Studies Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport provides students in the MS in Sports Business program with a wealth of divisional support services and opportunities that complement classroom learning.


Due to new and expanding international markets and an opportunity-rich, cross-cultural environment created by globalization, the sports, media, and business industries require professionals who can assume leadership roles to increase revenue for organizations or entrepreneurial ventures, manage human capital, implement strategic and ethical decisions, and develop innovative sustainable projects. Tisch Institute graduate programs provide you with the knowledge and the strategic skills to manage change; to communicate successfully; and to advance the business of sports. Enrolled students and graduates are associated with top organizations in their industries including:

  • CBS Sports
  • Heisman Trophy Trust
  • Special Events, Major League Baseball
  • Major League Soccer


Alumni Spotlight

Michele Kuehl