Faculty Spotlight

Michael Oppenheimer

Clinical Professor, Center for Global Affairs
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The NYU School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs (CGA) faculty members enjoy national and international recognition for their expertise and for the impact they have had—and continue to have—in the practice of their fields. Many of our faculty members have served on special assignments abroad and have played critical roles in peacekeeping missions, election monitoring, sanction enforcement, and the protection of women’s rights. Their substantive experiences will serve to heighten your awareness of emerging issues and to ground you in the policies and protocols of this dynamic field.

Faculty members deliver rigorous academic course content that includes case studies, special assignments, and projects that are professionally relevant and that are well suited for practical application. You learn how to anticipate crises and to develop innovative solutions to complex, contemporary problems from top innovators in the global arena.

Interaction with faculty members does not end in the classroom. As working professionals who are actively engaged in the international community, they share their expertise through advisement, mentoring, conferences, and networking. Whether they specialize in international relations; business and economics; international law and dispute settlement; human rights and humanitarian assistance; or energy policy and environmental issues, their experience spans the breadth of global affairs.