Data Visualization for Business

Accurate and effective analysis of data is crucial for informing decision-making in today’s business environment. Increasingly, professionals across sectors and departments need to possess the tools to gather, disseminate, visualize, and communicate data-based information. In this hands-on course focused on a practical project, learn to generate, analyze, and communicate data for a specific business-related project. Focus on using data analysis tools; computer-assisted reporting; data visualization techniques; GIS data; and other tactics to conceptualize, research, and produce the project. Whether your aim is to understand business metrics and performance; to uncover trends and insights; or to address cost, productivity, and functionality, discover how to best use these skills to accomplish your purpose.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of data analysis using comparison, trend, and ranking methods of analysis
  • Knowledge of advanced analysis with frequency and Pareto analysis
  • Contribution and variance methods of analysis
  • Best practices for data analysis and data presentation

Ideal for

  • Business professionals who want to turn data into information
  • Excel users who want to take their reporting and analysis to the next level
  • Students who want to learn powerful methods of data analysis

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  • Summer 2023

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      Summer 2023
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      Jul 11 - Aug 22
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      • Online
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      • Online
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      Vella, Raymond
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      Instructor Led