Discovering and Testing the Key Consumer Insight

Nowadays, marketers have a lot of data, information, findings and observations about their customers and target audience.  Synthesizing all that information into insights, and then deciding on the single most powerful and motivating insight is critical to marketing success.  This course will cover the process and tools used to determine deep consumer insights and how marketers decide on the most appropriate insights for a marketing campaign. Students will examine case studies of how consumer insight is leveraged in organizations for strategic decision making for ad campaigns. They will determine the target audience for the purpose of brand and portfolio positioning, segmentation and business strategy for competitive context.  This course will examine ways to approach research to generate the foundational insight about the target consumer, and the psychological/motivational construct that will be the foundation of a campaign and how it will connect with consumer desires/needs and feelings.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to highlight the key consumer and cultural trends for a target audience
  • The ability to identify the foundational insights about the target audience
  • The ability to evaluate and assess a segmentation scheme to determine the primary target audience(s)
  • The ability to develop and bring to life an audience profile
  • The ability to create a robust consumer journey for a target audience

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  • Fall 2023

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      Fall 2023
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      Oct 23 - Dec 17
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