America in the World: Considering the Future of Democracy

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As the US continues to become more polarized, critical insights into the past, present, and possible future of American democracy can be provided by the study of comparative politics and government. America in the World will systematically examine how other democracies organize their political processes, government institutions, and programs of public policy. The course will also consider how other democracies have handled challenges to their constitutional structures and shocks to their political systems, such as those being experienced in the US. With an eye both on America’s historical underpinnings and on current developments, this course will explore the many ways in which American politics and government are distinctive, as well as what valuable lessons can be learned from the political systems of other countries. Institutional and historical elements will be the focus of asynchronous online lessons, while more recent developments will be the focus of five synchronous discussion sessions. The course in particular draws upon a book written by the instructor titled The American Anomaly: US Politics and Government in Comparative Perspective (4th Edition, 2019).

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A thorough background into the structures and processes that underpin US politics and government by way of comparison with those of other countries
  • The ability to analyze how these structures and processes influence contemporary US domestic and foreign policymaking

Ideal for

  • Students of US and comparative politics, government, and policymaking
  • Those seeking to contextualize how the United States is situated by comparison with other countries in the world

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  • Fall 2022

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      Fall 2022
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      Sep 15 - Oct 20
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      Smith, Raymond
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