Lucas Finco

Lucas Finco

Adjunct Instructor

Lucas has worked as a data analyst, process engineer, and machine learning consultant in various
industries including finance, transportation, consulting, IT, utilities, energy, manufacturing, retail, and
aerospace. He worked at ConEdison for 9 years, including as the Manager of Analysis & Forecasting for
the Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Management (DM) department. Responsibilities there included
the analysis and planning of the company's Distributed Energy Resource (DER) programs, planning for
the impacts of DERs on ConEd’s energy systems, data mining various customer, city & economic
datasets for valuable insights, and advocating for the adoption of new innovative technologies into the
electric grid. Lucas also worked as a Principal Data Scientist at Honeywell, building their Industrial IoT
platform called Sentience. He currently works as an independent AI consultant.

Lucas has earned a B.S. in Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin at Madison,
an M.A in Physics from Stony Brook University, and an MBA from New York University Stern School of
Business with a focus in finance and entrepreneurship.

Lucas is the founder/producer/co-host of the “Pirates of Clean Tech” podcast. He is currently a member
of CEVG, a clean energy angel investor group. He founded the NYC Energy Data meetup. He is an avid
marathon runner, certified downhill ski instructor, and amateur sim racer.

Past Courses

Analytics for Energy Professionals

Explore methods for energy analysis and management and processes to collect and analyze data, and then practice interpreting and utilizing it.