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Alternative Investments

This course provides an overview of investments in assets beyond traditional stocks and bonds, including venture capital, private equity, private credit, hedge funds, real estate, and commodities. Using case studies and financial models, students evaluate these investments based on real-world examples. They gain an understanding of what role alternative investments play in a diversified portfolio and how to capture market inefficiencies via these nontraditional assets and investment strategies. The course provides foundational knowledge of alternative investments and enables students to better communicate about them with colleagues and clients.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of how to identify and address the risks, benefits, and issues while allocating personal and institutional portfolio to illiquid investments
  • The skills to perform valuation of commercial and residential real estate using comparables, capitalization rates, discounted cash flow analysis, and replacement cost methods of valuation
  • The ability to evaluate and predict gold and other commodity prices by using the tools of international macroeconomics, combined with an understanding of supply and demand in the gold and other commodities markets
  • The know-how to build a leveraged buy-out financial model

Ideal for

  • Finance and investment professionals
  • Investors interested in learning how to diversify financial portfolios
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