Student Blog: Ryan Figueroa

Ryan Figueroa is contemplating a career in sports business with a focus on analytics. Outgoing and full of ideas, he needs to channel his energy in order to succeed in applying to college and building a foundation for his professional success. The Aspire program has helped him to take the first steps toward achieving his goals. Prescriptive coursework and individualized attention from his mentor have provided a framework for moving forward in his studies and in his life.

Ryan Figueroa Ryan Figueroa

Ryan wants to make his mom proud. He knows the level of responsibiliy she has undertaken to raise him well and to encourage him to pursue the career of his dreams. Being accepted into the Aspire program has given Ryan a tremendous sense of accomplishment and the positive direction he needs to reach his full potential.

Ryan has found his relationship with his mentor, Brad, to be invaluable in helping him to sort out the college admissions process and to learn more about the field of sports business/analytics. A sports business major and dean's scholar in the NYU School of Professional Studies, Brad has imparted his knowledge to help Ryan begin to make decisions about the colleges that would best satisfy his career goals and objectives.

Ryan and mentor
Ryan in deep discussion with his mentor, Brad. They both share a passion for sports and the business and analytics behind it.
My mentor, Brad, has helped me to narrow down my college choices to those that would best fit my needs
Ryan in dorm room
Ryan checks out the view from his dorm room.

For many Aspire students, staying in the NYU dorms marks the first time they've lived away from home. It's an exciting adventure, but one that comes with new responsibilities, like getting up on time and being punctual for class!

Aspire trip to Wallstreet
Ryan, friends, and mentors on a trip to Wall Street.

Field trips enhance the learning experience, provide the opportunity to get to see the iconic sights of NYC, and a chance to bond with other students and mentors.

Ryan final presentation
A transformed Ryan waiting to give his final presentation.

At the end of the first intensive summer week of classes, there is a marked difference in many of the Aspire students. They have begun the process of learning to take care of themselves and exploring the educational and career opportunities that lie ahead.

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