Associate Dean's Message

Anna Condoulis

It is with great pleasure that I welcome our international students to the NYU School of Professional Studies. Members of our student body are diverse in their interests, their areas of study, and in their ethnicity and nationality. This fall, our incoming class of international students represents over 60 countries!

The Office of Student Affairs serves as a resource to all students and is where you should refer your questions that are related to student services provided by the School and the University. The Office of Student Life hosts social and cultural events throughout the year, including tours of New York City landmarks, networking events, panel discussions, and parties. We encourage you to take advantage of, and to attend, the events that are of interest to you. They will enable you to get to know the School and the University, to learn about and to enjoy New York City, and to meet fellow students who will enrich your educational experience and expand your professional network.

The International Student Support Center provides necessary support to international students to help them succeed in their studies, to orient them to life at NYU, and to acclimate them to living in New York City. The Center offers workshops in a variety of subjects that teach students critical skills and enhance their classroom experience.

I encourage you to learn more about our services and to visit our offices. Remember that we are here to assist you and to ensure that your experience at NYU is a great oneā€”both inside and outside the classroom.


Anna Condoulis
Associate Dean
Student Affairs, Alumni Relations, and Events
NYU School of Professional Studies