Divisional Programs

Undergraduate Study Options

The NYU School of Professional Studies Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies provides distinctive undergraduate pathways for students who want to pursue their education to deepen their knowledge, increase their professional expertise, and expand their career options.   

Our diverse range of programs all share an emphasis on building connections—through application and practical experience—between what students learn in the classroom and how they can apply it to the world in which they live, work, and create.

Both our associates degrees and our bachelors degrees offer professionally focused majors that are complemented by a strong foundation in the liberal arts. Students who have already earned an associates degree, or the equivalent of 60 transferable college credits, are eligible to enroll in one of our many bachelors degree programs.

  • ASSOCIATES DEGREES - Offered at a reduced-tuition rate of just $500/credit, these programs are an innovative option if you are considering earning your degree at a local community college. This program is designed for students who have earned a high school diploma at least one year ago (most students entering this program are typically 19 years or older). The associate degrees serve as an on-ramp to industry or as the first major milestone in your college career. Upon graduation, the credits you earn are transferrable to the Division’s bachelors degree programs, allowing you to seamlessly complete the next phase of your education.

  • BACHELORS DEGREES - Marquee programs for degree completers who currently hold an associates degree or the equivalent of at least 60 transferrable college credits. Our bachelors degees span a wide range of subjects and industries. Each is comprised of a liberal arts core and a deep exploration of your major of choice. Immerse yourself in highly relevant, professionally focused course content that provides you with the immediately applicable skils you need to move forward in your work and your life.