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High School Academy—Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Summer Programs

Each summer, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) offers high school students a range of programs that allow them to live and learn in the heart of New York City, the cultural and financial capital of the world. Summer programs provide great flexibility and a diverse and innovative mix of study options that enable high school students to explore career paths as they experience college life. They serve as an impressive addition on a college application and afford an opportunity to meet and mingle with students from across the country and around the world. 

Career Edge

Experience New York City and college life while focusing on potential career paths and acquiring the critical skills necessary to succeed in a university setting.


Prepare for the college experience and gain an understanding of all that you need to know to be successful in a university setting through this immersive program for first-generation New York metro/tri-state area college students. 

NYUSPS Summer College

Build your academic skills while experiencing college life and all that NYC has to offer through this new, two-week course of study. Upon successful completion of the program, you will earn college credit.

Students participate in a rich and demanding academic experience while gaining a sense of independence, making new friends, and interacting within a college community. Field trips and guest lecturers enhance classroom learning. Optional evening and weekend activities are offered to provide an opportunity for students to explore New York City and the NYU campus.

Students are welcome to join our program as commuters or as campus residents. Those who choose to reside on campus will be living with roommates in a traditional NYU dorm.

The residence hall is centrally located and only minutes away from classrooms at 7 East 12th Street, dining halls, and other NYU facilities. The building contains study areas, TV lounges, laundry rooms, and has Wi-Fi access throughout. Those students who choose to live on campus must sign up for a meal plan, which offers access to the NYU dining halls on weekdays and weekends. 

Students who choose to commute have access to a wealth of campus resources and student services while attending the program. Evening and weekend activities are offered outside of class time to all students—commuter and residential. The cost of the activities is covered by the student program fee.

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