A commitment to excellence in teaching is the hallmark of NYU faculty. NYU School of Professional Studies Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport faculty members are some of the most respected in the country, recruited for their superior academic credentials, status as exemplary role models in the business world, and commitment to teaching.

The Tisch Institute faculty has a diversity of scholarly and professional credentials. In addition to our devoted full-time faculty members, an exceptional cadre of practitioners—senior executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, marketing specialists, architects, and developers—with a wealth of knowledge share their real-world experience and expertise in shaping the next generation of leaders.

The deep professional connections of all our faculty translate into frequent opportunities for site visits to high-profile business and sports venues and outstanding guest lectures and active participation in our classes by industry leaders from relevant businesses, such as Madison Square Garden, ESPN, NBA, NFL, and Sports Illustrated.

Because of our close and mutually supportive ties to industry, our faculty are vigilant in keeping our curricula up-to-date, to reflect the changing conditions, new opportunities, and emerging needs of the worlds of hospitality, tourism, and sports business. Outside of the classroom, our faculty members also contribute to our students’ intellectual and professional growth through attentive advisement, mentoring, and assistance in networking, and demonstrating to our students how to excel by their examples.

Faculty Advisement

NYU School of Professional Studies Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport undergraduates benefit from one-on-one academic and professional advisement. Students are guided by a full-time faculty member from their field of specialization who is dedicated to supporting their path to success. Faculty advisors help students choose a concentration that best aligns with their professional interests and goals, and frequently facilitate internship experiences that add the greatest value to their program of study.

Approaching advisement as a partnership, faculty advisors also offer guidance on academic planning, curriculum requirements, and NYU Study Abroad, and help students effectively navigate the expansive resources of New York University and New York City.