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Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

Conferences and Events

Conference on Capital Markets in Real Estate

The Conference on Capital Markets in Real Estate features a distinguished roster of industry leaders analyzing market trends and sharing investment strategies for U.S. commercial real estate.

London/New York Dialogue

The London/New York Dialogue takes an in-depth look at future plans and investment initiatives that are expected for the transportation systems of each of these global cities.

REIT Symposium

The REIT Symposium provides a vibrant forum for senior executives to discuss the latest trends and factors impacting real estate investment trusts.

Sustainable Real Estate Conference

The Sustainable Real Estate Conference brings together industry experts to discuss the most pressing issues related to climate change, resource efficiency, and the built environment.

Urban Leadership Award Dinner

The Urban Leadership Award Dinner salutes prominent professionals who have contributed significantly to the growth and prestige of the real estate industry.