How It Works

Sarah has chosen the BA in Applied General Studies major in the NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies in order to prepare for a career in the field of human-computer interaction and interface design. The interdisciplinary program allows her to combine courses from the Psychology concentration in the BA in Social Sciences with courses from the Interactive Media concentration of the BS in Digital Communications and Media. While the professionally oriented courses in Digital Communications and Media focus on design and programming for websites and mobile devices, the course content in psychology provides the understanding of how to design and to interpret user studies of computing interfaces.

Jim’s goal is to pursue a career with an international corporation that focuses on promoting new and responsible forms of tourism.  The BA in Applied General Studies major allows him to combine courses in the Anthropology and International Studies concentrations of the NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies with courses from the Jonathan M. Tisch Center Hospitality and Tourism. The courses in Anthropology and International Studies provide theoretical grounding in the social sciences with an appreciation of cross-cultural communication and international relations. The courses taken through the Tisch Center expose him to the latest trends in the hospitality and tourism industries, and provide the skills and the knowledge necessary to comprehensively analyze the global tourism industry.

Laura is interested in art history and it is her dream to establish a career in the field of art appraisal and gallery management. In the interdisciplinary Applied General Studies major, she can combine courses in the Art History concentration of the BA in Humanities with classes in Business from the BS in Leadership and Management Studies, both offered by the NYUSPS Division of Applied Undergraduate Studies. The art history courses provide a historical and theoretical grounding while the business courses offer the background in business and management needed to run a successful gallery. Laura is also able to take courses from other divisions of the NYU School of Professional Studies in pursuit of her degree.