Google Online Marketing Challenge

As part of the Web Analytics course, students in the M.S. in Integrated Marketing program participate in the Google Online Marketing Challenge. This global academic competition furnishes a student group of three to six participants with $200 in Google AdWords vouchers and challenges the team to translate those advertising dollars into an effective, three-week-long marketing campaign for a local business.

Students gain real-world experience in managing search engine marketing campaigns, learning how to make recommendations to businesses for future online initiatives, thus furthering their potential impact on a live business plan. More importantly, our students continue on to apply their heightened understanding of Web analytics and online marketing strategies as employees in a wide range of companies and non-profit organizations.

Each year, students in the graduate marketing program are tasked with the goal of placing higher in the ranking than in the year prior. In the first year we participated in the competition, our student team ranked 125th. The following year, with 2,187 teams from 57 countries in the challenge, our team placed 50th. Now is the time to join the team that will bring us to number one!