NYUSPS Adjunct Instructor Leyda Hernandez Named to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Aspiring to achieve lofty goals at a young age is nothing new for Leyda Hernandez, 28, an adjunct instructor within the NYU School of Professional Studies Department of Programs in Business. Hernandez was recently named to the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her expertise in marketing and advertising. The list, which recognizes young movers and shakers in a variety of fields, generated more than 15,000 nominations for just 600 spots.

Hernandez, director of marketing at iSpot.tv, an analytics company that tracks and measures performance in television advertising, has long imagined being at the top of her field. "Making Forbes 30 Under 30 means a whole lot to me," she said. "I had set this milestone for myself, never knowing I could accomplish it." But thanks to the example of her parents, who immigrated to the US from Panama and who stressed the value of education, Hernandez learned to set goals early and then go about accomplishing them.

Born in Panama, Hernandez grew up in South Florida. An ambitious student, she was selected for a special program that allowed her to attend college at the age of 16, simultaneously graduating with both a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree. She followed up by earning two bachelor's degrees by age 21, one in studio art and the other in public relations, from Florida State University. Upon graduating, she found that jobs in the field of social media were exploding. She ended up working full time for an online marketing company while she earned a master's degree in integrated marketing communications at West Virginia University.

Seeking to expand her professional experience, Hernandez moved to New York, where she asserts, "it's about whether you can get the job done" and not about age. Her jobs have included heading marketing communications for Chocomize, an e-commerce site, where she helped grow revenue by 83%; and a stint at Priori Legal, a legal services site. She also has delivered remarks on digital marketing at area conferences. "I love talking about marketing," she admits. "Marketing is all around you—even though you don't realize this—it gives you great insight into a person's behavior."

Hernandez began teaching courses on digital analytics and measuring marketing campaigns using digital analytics at NYUSPS in 2015. She describes the experience as amazing. "NYUSPS students are such an engaged and dedicated group. They are excited, not just about learning in the classroom, but about applying that knowledge in the world. It's been a very rewarding experience for me."