Sam Sultan

Sam Sultan

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Management and Information Technology

"In the technology field, learning is a lifetime commitment," says Sam Sultan, director of Information Technology at Home Box Office (HBO), and M.S. in Management and Systems adjunct assistant professor.

While looking to jumpstart his career at HBO, Sultan earned professional certificates in Java, Web development, and C/Unix at NYU-SCPS. The practical knowledge and skills he acquired helped him to advance to his current position, in which he designs financial applications and supervises a staff of more than 10 IT professionals. Now, Sultan has taken it upon himself to give other IT professionals the same advantage.

"I was so impressed with the program and the quality of education that I received, that when the opportunity arose to teach at the School, I seized upon it," Sultan asserts, emphasizing the Department’s two-fold advantage over other non-academic programs. "First, learning is very much about doing and our focus is hands-on. Second, because the practitioner faculty is comprised of active leaders in their fields, they experience new technology first-hand and pass that on to their students." This is a competitive advantage, he explains, that's just not available in a more traditional, non-academic setting.

Given the rapid pace of changes in technology, the Department focuses on teaching students more than just the specific commands of a particular language; rather, instructors aim to develop the skills and the knowledge that will allow them to continue to learn as they work in the field. According to Sultan, "students develop a rich understanding of the concepts that drive the engine of technology, so they can meet new challenges and solve problems as they arise."

"Technology is a wonderful career path," says Sultan. "It’s fun, and there aren’t too many professions you can say that about. I promise my students at the beginning of each class that they will learn a tremendous amount, but that they also will have fun doing it. And they always do."