Writing Portfolio Requirement

Applicants to this program must possess excellent writing skills in English, and have a solid academic
background in a field relevant to graduate work in professional writing.

In addition to the online application and other components required by the Office of Admissions, including a personal statement, students must submit writing samples consisting of between 10-20 pages of their academic, personal, or professional writing. Examples of your writing may include academic papers, essays, journalistic writing, functional documents such as policies or procedures, formal reports, technical or scientific writing, and creative writing in prose. Do not submit poetry.

Submissions can be provided to the Office of Admissions in the following manner:
A link to a formal portfolio hosting site Email attachments
A link to a blog or to a personal website Providing access to your Google Docs
Address of a website featuring your work Mailing hard copies (indicate the program to which you applied )
A Zip file or Dropbox link

NoteYou may not use YouTube, Facebook, or other social media sites in your portfolio. Blog hosting sites such as WordPress are acceptable. Include a descriptive table of contents with your portfolio. Do not submit original work that must be returned. The submission must be labeled with your name, the date, and the program applied to. We will not accept poetry.