Angela Deane

Angie Dean

MS in Global Affairs
Alumna, Class of 2012

I applied to graduate school at a fascinating time in the field of international relations: the Arab spring was in its infancy, the United States was shifting its engagement strategy with the UN, and human rights were poised to take on a larger role in policy discussions.

Prior to becoming a student in the NYUSPS Center for Global Affairs (CGA), I worked for several years as the development director at the Genocide Intervention Network (GI-NET) in Washington, DC. I was (and still am) committed to the vision of a world free from genocide and enjoyed working with donors and partners to participate in GI-NET's efforts in achieving this goal through philanthropy. So much of our work involved influencing US policymakers to prioritize and adhere to the basic tenets of the Genocide Convention and to the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

At GI-NET discussions often included some reference to and question about enforcing international law. I realized that in order to be more effective in my job, I needed to have a firmer grasp of how exactly human rights fit into international law. When I learned about the Human Rights and International Law concentration at CGA, I was drawn to the opportunity to immerse myself in these interrelated subjects and to learn from professors who have extensive experience in their fields

While at CGA I interned with the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect and I am now the New York director for development and outreach with Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch is an organization rooted in promoting human rights through the law, so it's been incredibly useful to have the background and perspective acquired at CGA when liaising with donors and illustrating how they can make a difference through their giving. My NYUSPS education has enhanced my ability to do my job effectively, and for that I am grateful.