NYU School of Professional Studies American Language Institute to Launch English Language and Cultural Immersion Programs at the NYU Shanghai Campus in Pudong

Immersive Courses are Designed to Prepare Students for Study in the U.S. and to Provide Business Leaders With Critical Language Skills and Cultural Understanding as They Build Relationships With U.S. Companies

Shanghai – China has become a driving force on the world’s financial and cultural stage. As this historic transition has occurred, there has been a shift to a market economy as well as rapidly evolving economic and social change. With this transformation, new opportunities have become available to China’s college and graduate-level students as well as to those in international business who play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s financial future. It is members of these two groups who will benefit most by enrolling in new English language and American cultural immersion programs that are being offered, for the first time this fall, through the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYUSPS) American Language Institute (ALI) at NYU Shanghai in Pudong.

Many students in China may speak English well; however, they have not yet mastered the subtle nuances of the language and the culture, the linguistic intonations, and most importantly the learning mindset that will be required for them to succeed in English-speaking classrooms if they choose to study abroad in the U.S. NYU Shanghai Chancellor Yu Lizhong noted, “It's easy to teach English language and to develop language skills. It is far more difficult to help students in China to change their way of learning and their way of thinking. Unfortunately, some Chinese students studying in the U.S. failed because they hadn't been able to change the way they learn. This program and its methods of teaching, which necessitate a more engaged level of participation, will help to alter that outcome.”

The same can be said of those businessmen and women in China who seek a higher level of English and a deeper understanding of American culture in order to be able to execute complex business transactions while building lasting and critical professional relationships. “The open policy in China encourages Chinese who are in business to invest outside of the country and to do business globally,” acknowledged Chancellor Yu. “In doing so, they will meet people from many different cultures. If they want to be successful in global business, particularly in the U.S., they need to learn more than the language. They need to understand American culture and people, as well as the American way of thinking. This will ultimately help them to reduce the risk for their businesses so that they thrive for many years to come.”

Two programs of study will be offered through the America Language Institute at NYU Shanghai—the Academic English Preparation Program (AEP) and the Professional English Program (PEP). AEP prepares students to apply for, gain admission to, and succeed in U.S. colleges and universities. This program emphasizes the critical thinking, persuasive writing, public presentation, and class participation skills essential for success in a U.S. university setting. Courses will be offered weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Courses in the PEP program are designed to address the specific needs of international professionals, with classes meeting in the evening and during weekends to accommodate the busy schedules of professionals. The focus of the classes is to develop the skills necessary to succeed professionally and to function comfortably in business settings. Examples of courses in this program include: Speaking Clearly: Accent Reduction, Communicating Effectively in a Global Business World, Leading Successful Meetings and Negotiations, and Understanding American Business Etiquette, among others.

Although there are many English language-learning programs in Shanghai, none are offered by a top-ranked U.S. university such as NYU, one of the most respected research institutions of higher learning in the world. In addition, the methods of teaching at the American Language Institute require active participation from students, who will have many opportunities to practice what they are learning. “Traditionally, Chinese students have been used to passive learning in which the teacher talks, students listen and remember, and then take exams,” asserted Chancellor Yu. “These two programs of study emphasize active learning in which students need to prepare for classes and be deeply engaged in understanding the learning process itself. They will be involved in classroom activities as well as in activities outside of the classroom that will provide the grounding for truly understanding English language that is based in American culture. This is the essence of what differentiates the American Language Institute programs from those offered only for preparing for different types of tests,” he concluded.

Classes begin in September. As part of the application process, students who wish to take courses at the American Language Institute at NYU Shanghai are required to attend an information session at NYU Shanghai in Pudong. Information sessions include a model lesson, an English language assessment, and the option of registering on-site for courses.

Visit http://shanghai.nyu.edu/academics/non-degree/ali/sessions for dates and times of information sessions. Students can sign up for an information session when completing an ALI Shanghai online application.

To request information visit: http://shanghai.nyu.edu/academics/non-degree/ali/info

Applications are available at:




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