NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Launches New Certificate in Medical Coding

Course of Study Prepares Medical Coders and Other Health Professionals for the Adoption of the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10)


NEW YORK, May 3, 2013 – The NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS), has launched the new Certificate in Medical Coding, which was developed in conjunction with professionals from the NYU Langone Medical Center, and offers a knowledge base necessary for those who seek to begin or to further their career in medical coding.

The Certificate, which is comprised of nine courses, focuses on subject matter that will prepare medical coders and a wide range of health care professionals for the extensive number of changes that will take place related to medical coding with the adoption of (ICD-10), which will occur in October 2014.

As a result of the adoption of ICD-10, medical coding professionals will require advanced knowledge of human anatomy, pathophysiology, and pharmacology to accurately classify diagnoses and procedures. These codes are employed to describe the clinical picture of patients in both inpatient and outpatient healthcare settings and are used for clinical care, billing, reimbursement, research, education, and statistical information.

Courses in the new certificate include:

  • Management & Medical Terminology                                (Offered Summer 2013) 
  • Anatomy & Physiology I                                                     (Offered Summer 2013)
  • Anatomy & Physiology II                                                    (Offered Fall 2013)
  • Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Coders               (Offered Fall 2013)
  • International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision,
    Procedure Classification System (ICD-10-PCS)                (Offered Spring 2014)
  • International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision,
    Clinical Modification (ICD10-10-CM)                                  (Offered Spring 2014) 
  • Current Procedural Terminology, 4th Edition (CPT-4)
    & Healthcare Common Procedure Coding
    System (HCPCS)                                                              (Offered Spring 2014)
  • Reimbursement Methodology                                           (Offered Summer 2014)
  • Practicum                                                                         (Offered Summer 2014)

Classes begin in June. For more information and to enroll visit: scps.nyu.edu/ce/medicalcoding, or call 212-998-7150.

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