School Continues to Lead NYU in Growth of Distance Learning

NEW YORK, May 11, 2011 –Since 2008, NYU-SCPS has experienced a more than 150 percent increase in its online offerings and is NYU’s leader in distance learning. Driving this tremendous growth is a combination of factors, according to Kristen Sosulski, academic director and clinical assistant professor of digital communications and media at NYU-SCPS Distance Learning.

“We work closely with academic program directors to expand offerings and develop new ways to bring global teachers into the classroom, no matter where their home base,” says Sosulski. “Market research also plays a role in identifying where the opportunities lie.” 

Translation is one program already benefiting from its ability to attract a global faculty. For example, Silvana Debonis, Graciela Steinberg, and Diana Rivas teach English to Spanish translation from Argentina.

“The new online M.S. in Translation launching this fall was built on this model,” says Sosulski. “Students can expect a global faculty of accomplished translators and scholars, teaching from around the world. The very nature of translation makes perfect sense for the online format and allows us to attract leaders in the field to share their expertise,” she explains.

Other online graduate programs include the M.S. in Human Resource Management and Development and the M.S. in Management and Systems. Adult undergraduates at the NYU Paul McGhee Division can complete two degrees online: the B.A. in Social Sciences with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Communication and the B.S. in Leadership and Management Studies with concentrations in International Business, Human Resource Management, or Organizational Management and Development. Credits earned at McGhee or another accredited university or college are required for admission to the online program.

Expanding in new, strategic curricula areas and responding rapidly to students’ needs accounts for growth of online courses, according to McGhee Divisional Dean Susan Kinsey. “Offering a variety of course formats that fit students’ demanding schedules is a clear advantage for our students and the School,” she says. 

The innovations at NYU-SCPS in online curriculum have not gone unnoticed. Harvard Business School Press invited Roseanna DeMaria, adjunct professor in the graduate program for Human Resource Management and Development, and Ted Bongiovanni, associate director of the NYU-SCPS Office of Distance Learning, to demonstrate our approaches of the case study method in online courses.

With online courses in virtually every program area, NYU-SCPS draws a global student body as well. Online students represent more than 50 countries, from Cameroon to Korea and Brazil to Bulgaria. With credit and noncredit offerings available online, access to an NYU education is now a possibility for students everywhere. 

No matter where students are located, they feel part of the NYU-SCPS community. “They come for the content, expertise of the faculty members, and networking opportunities,” says Sosulski. “Online students receive the same types of support as onsite students, which is a distinct advantage. From online office hours to student orientation, 24-hour technical support to tutoring, the infrastructure we’ve built helps online students at NYU-SCPS to be successful.”