NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Launches First Class to Incorporate Use of Mobile Technology

Universal Phone App Provides M-Learning Platform to Students and Serves as a Portal to Mobile Marketing for the Small- to Medium-Sized Business

NEW YORK, August 4, 2011 - The New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies (NYU-SCPS) today announced the launch of a new course, Mobile Marketing for the Small- to Medium-Sized Business, which for the first time leverages an M-learning platform to allow students to utilize mobile technology to participate in the on-line course. 

Beginning on October 17, the eight-week course will teach students to create, publish, and distribute mobile content to gain a competitive advantage. The class will help small- to medium-sized business (SMB) professionals plan, create, and deploy mobile marketing on a limited budget, timeframe, and skillset—and to virtually any mobile subscriber, irrespective of handset, carrier, and/or data plan.

“This truly unique course is a great example of the forward-thinking programs we have at NYU-SCPS,” said Renee Harris, academic director of the marketing and public relations continuing education programs. “By utilizing the app as part of the course, students can visualize the opportunities mobile apps can bring as well as learn how to effectively integrate mobile marketing as a part of their overall brand and business strategy.”

"It's fitting that a class on mobile marketing would use mobile as an integrated means to teach and learn course content as well as to promote and market enrollment,” says course instructor Angelo Biasi, a specialist in mobile marketing at SMART Marketing Solutions, LLC. "Like social media marketing, SMBs are seeing mobile marketing as a necessity to their tactical marketing mix. By arming them with the tools, best-practice techniques, and strategies for any phone, NYU-SCPS is taking a leadership role in supporting this important segment."

The coursework is delivered in an online format and via the student’s mobile device through a cross-platform Web application. The app will deliver weekly coursework content, feedback quizzes, and provide an on-the-go interactive platform for the course.  Students will learn to harness the communicating features of video, RSS feeds, blogs, and Twitter in their marketing mix.   

The course app was developed in partnership with DIDMO’s Magmito app creation tool and is being hosted by GetJar, the world’s largest free app store. The informational app on the course can be downloaded through this link on your mobile phone:http://www.getjar.com/mobile/165927/NYU-SCPS.

For additional details about the course and how to enroll: http://www.scps.nyu.edu/course-detail/DMMK1-CE9978/20113/mobile-marketing-for-the-small-to-medium-sized-business-planning-execution-and-monetization.

Reporters wishing to learn more about the course should contact Christopher James, 212-998-6876, or via email christopher.james@nyu.edu.

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