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"Unretirement" Conversations and Toolkit: A Masterclass with Richard Eisenberg

Transitioning to retirement these days can mean transitioning to "unretirement"—combining part-time work with volunteering, mentoring, travel, and time with family and friends. But making the transition can be challenging. It requires changing the way you think about things, readjusting priorities and finding meaning and purpose in this new stage of life. This masterclass, from an “unretired” journalist, will help you unretire by offering the questions to ask and the ways to find answers, through conversations with experts on retirement and the second half of life. The readings will include Chris Farrell, Unretirement ; Steve Lopez, Independence Day ; Joe Casey, Win the Retirement Game ; Michael Clinton, Roar ; Tony Hixon, Retirement Stepping Stones ; and Michelle Pannor Silver, Retirement and Its Discontents

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Strategies to help you plan for your retirement
  • Resources to help you transition to a new phase of your life
  • Tips from an expert in unretirement

Ideal for

  • Those approaching retirement or who have already retired and are planning the next phase of their life
  • Retirees seeking resources, tools, and networks

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      Summer 2024
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      Jul 3 - Aug 7
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