Racial Literacy and Anti-Racism Practices

  • Develops an understanding of race and racism in a global context

  • Strengthens your ability to identify and address implicit bias

  • Provides strategies to advocate effectively for communities of color

In this series, participants are equipped with tools to respond and fight effectively against signs of racism and engage actively against implicit biases and internalized negative stereotypes toward Black people and communities of color. In each workshop, participants will tackle a specific issue at stake and learn how to apply and multiply good practices in their personal and professional settings—as well as in a global context.

This semester, study in-person or from anywhere in the world from the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Diversity, Race and Media: From Films and TV to Podcasts and New Media

In 2020, the global wave of protests following George Floyd’s assassination became a wake-up call for media makers to denounce systemic...

2023 Spring
1 section

Exploring the Two CRTs: Critical Race Theory and Culturally Responsive Teaching

Understand what CRT really means and explore the debate around Critical Race Theory and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

2023 Spring
1 section

An Introduction to Intersectionality: Positioning and Situating Identities

Learn how our different identities relate to social norms and how we can become better allies for every member of our society.

Becoming a Better Ally: How to Collaborate with Marginalized Groups

Learn to develop meaningful relationships with allies in order to be an effective...

Understanding Race in a Global Context

Learn to understand and discuss race in a global context.

Microaggressions and Racial Stress: Reducing Harmful Interactions

Learn to identify and reduce microaggressions and to communicate effectively with people of color.

Digital Identities: From Social Networks to Deepfakes

Explore how digital identities are created and manipulated.

The Battle Against Online Misinformation

Learn how to identify and combat fake news and misinformation campaigns on the internet