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Communications & AI

In Summer 2024, this certificate program will be offered as a two-week, in-person intensive at New York University's New York City campus. To learn more and apply, click here.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing communication and writing practices, affording professionals and writers a suite of powerful tools that can accelerate processes and assist in a variety of tasks from writing and research to document design and presentations. But the bewildering array of AI programs that are currently available and the proficiency needed to use the technology effectively can overwhelm communicators and writers seeking to integrate it in their work, writing, and communication projects today.
This hands-on course will introduce you to key, communication-focused AI programs that enhance writing, research, presentation, design, multimedia, and promotional projects and provide you with a series of AI strategies and best practices to immediately empower and elevate your work today.
You will learn how to use AI to improve the clarity, style, and impact of your writing; energize your research practices and rapidly gather high-quality information; craft image-rich presentations and documents; and develop marketing materials and promotional campaigns to instantly reach online audiences. The course will also introduce you to fundamental writing, communication, and marketing practices that will lead to more purposeful and assistive use of AI for your work and communication goals. 

This single course fulfills the requirements for the Certificate in Communications & AI.  

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Skills to evaluate a wide range of AI technologies focusing on communication outcomes and contexts.
  • Expertise in AI programs and the confidence to effectively utilize the technology to advance critical work, writing, and communication goals.
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of writing, communication, and marketing practices.
  • Ability to develop personal frameworks for responsible AI use, research and media literacy, and communication ethics.
  • A portfolio of work, including text, images, presentation, and multimedia documents.
  • A digital badge upon successful completion of this program.

Ideal for

  • Working professionals in writing, communication, publishing, marketing, and media.
  • Writers and communicators of all skills who desire to integrate AI in their work processes.
  • Corporate and business professionals who want to utilize AI to accelerate communication and workflows.

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  • Summer 2024

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      Summer 2024
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      Jul 8 - Jul 19
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Washington Square
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