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Business and Operations

  • Employs Actual Case Studies
  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Explores Business Models and Revenue Opportunities

The sports industry is a global, multibillion-dollar network that integrates all areas of business including media, finance, education, law, analytics, and research. Whether you are new to the field or a seasoned professional, these courses in sports business and operations will provide you with the practical exposure and the real-world preparation needed in order to remain ahead of the curve.

Baseball Analytics 2.0: Advancement in the 21st Century

Examine in depth how tracking technology, from pitch location to spin rate, has impacted and will continue to impact America’s favorite pastime.

Basketball Analytics 101

Achieve an understanding of basic fluency, relevant industry applications, and the latest technological tools now being used in basketball.

Inside Baseball: Analytics in Action

Examine the questions that baseball teams are seeking to answer, and learn about the tools and methods they are using to do so.

Inside ESPN's 30 for 30

In this course for film and sport enthusiasts, interpret and critique the sociocultural significance of ESPN’s 30 for 30 films.

Sports and Entertainment Sponsorship

Learn about sponsorship, a critical revenue stream that drives the sports business industry, and the development of sponsorship proposals.

Telling the Story Through Data: Techniques for Sports Professionals

Learn to use data visualization to bring important sports data to life, so it is understood, evaluated, and acted on by athletes and managers.

The Sports Market Projection: Insight into the Industry

Examine the status of the sports industry today, and determine whether a career in this field is right for you.