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US Law

  • Taught by Seasoned Legal Experts
  • Covers Basic and Specialized Topics
  • Integrates Theory and Practice

Whether you are in business, a non-legal professional whose work intersects with the law, a foreign-trained attorney, or a college student considering law school, these courses on US law provide a helpful overview of the concepts, mechanisms, and institutions of the US legal system. They afford a detailed understanding of torts, contracts, corporations, securities regulation, and basic elements of corporate and contract law.

Fundamentals of Business Law

Gain fundamental knowledge of the tenets of business law.

2019 Spring
1 section

Introduction to US Law and Methodologies

Acquire an intensive introduction to US law, legal systems, and methodologies.

2019 Spring
1 section

Survey of Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Get an overview of the legal processes that occur when someone dies and what people can do during their lifetime to plan appropriately.

2019 Spring
1 section

Pet Trusts: Saving Animal Companions from the Unexpected

Learn to prepare pet trusts that provide for uninterrupted care of pets, ensure the owner’s wishes are followed, and avoid court interference.

US Public Law

This introduction to the basic principles of US public law considers constitutional law as developed by the US Supreme Court.

Understanding Hotel Operations: Introduction to Hotel Law

This introductory course provides an overview of statutes, regulations, and case law and their application to hospitality operations.