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Espionage: Fact vs. Fiction

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Spy thrillers are a staple of fiction, film, and television, but how close do they come to the reality of espionage? The premise of this course is that no function of government has been as distorted by popular culture as that of intelligence, to the detriment of an informed citizenry. In a series of eight interactive sessions, Espionage: Fact vs. Fiction will separate myth from reality in the conduct of human intelligence. Taught by a veteran intelligence professional, this course will blend analysis of nonfiction sources with critical reading of selected works of fiction. Upon completion, you will still be able to enjoy a good spy novel but will also have a more realistic appreciation of the vital role of human intelligence in US national security.

Spring 2024 tuition is $525.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Separate the myth from the legend of espionage
  • Learn the function of espionage in foreign and domestic governments

Ideal for

  • Students interested in espionage
  • People who like spy books and movies and want a better idea of what it really is like to work in government espionage
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